Social Committment

Our couture’s doors are always open to those who are willing to learn and to make tailoring their passion or their job.
In collaboration with San Giovanni Battista’s parish church in Campobasso, we organize sewing courses and workshops every year. These courses are open to everyone, regardless of previous experience and knowledge in the field. In fact, we believe that our courses can be used both to have a first approach to sewing and tailoring, and to improve one’s skills in these matters to make a job out of it.

Most of our collaborators and colleagues are selected and trained among local professionals.

Tailors, buttonhole-makers and trouser-makers are supported by photographers, communication experts and fresh graduates. As a matter of fact, from 2022, Mario Iannetta Sartoria joined the businesses in which Univeristà del Molise’s students can do an internship or a traineeship.