Fabrics and Materials

Choosing the fabric is of the utmost importance:

When will the suit be worn, the skin color of the person and the personal style are some of the details that really count. We offer a choice among more than twenty thousand fabrics from the best draperies in theworld: Loropiana, Zegna, Piacenza Cachemire, Caccioppoli, Scabal, Hardyminnis, Escorial Wool, just to mention some.

For those who really love exclusivity,

the fabric could also be especially made according to their tastes and preferences. Fiber, color, texture, pattern and composition are details that can be agrees upon.

In order to safeguard our social and ethical commitments, it is our policy to only cooperate with businesses that have certificates attesting that there are also ethically and socially committed in a similar way.

Merceological Search:

it goes in parallel with the election of the fabrics: all the materials we use are natural, from the cuprous lining to the canvas in linen-wool.

This work is really demanding but necessary as natural fabrics help the body maintain its natural thermoregulation and, also, they are respectful to the environment.

Sustainability is, indeed, a choice.

Nevertheless, it is also the consequence of choosing to respect the Italian couture’s traditional way.

Polyester, acetate and polyamide, for example, are some of the synthetic fabrics that

we choose to never use.

The choice is to respect few fundamental principles that allow the suits we tailor of a much better quality, when compared to an ordinary prêt-à-porter suit.