Our Story

After obtaining the diploma at the prestigious Accademia Dei Sartori (Tailors’ Academy) and winning the Forbici d’Oro (Golden Scissors) junior award in 2018, and after gaining experience in two of the most notorious Roman tailor workshops,

I decided to come back to my hometown and to set up a business which could promote and enrich my own region. Something that could be of example, that could communicate that opportunities can be created.

All the suits are tailored here, at the feet of the Matese mountains, where we are surrounded by nature and life is still quiet and slow-paced.

This kind of environment is reflected in the characteristics of suits and clothings tailored here.

The materials and fabrics we use are simple and pure but strong enough to resist the stress caused by a fast life. At every moment, the materials and fabrics we use can give the wearer the feeling of being “at home”, in a comfortable place.

Mario Iannetta Sartoria’s logo also underlines the strong bond with the surrounding territory. The logo is nothing but the stylization of the “Uro”, the ox that guided the ancient people of the Samnites to the springs of the Biferno river, where they set the foundation of the city of Bojano, capital of the Pentro Samnium.